A Note From a Client

"Andy Buford is a talented, knowledgeable computer technician. Having dealt with him for many years with different kinds of computers, I have always felt safe in knowing that he would work until the problem was fixed. He is dilligent and hard working with many strengths in his knowledge."

-- P. Rubit, Lake Charles, LA

Need Your PC Fixed?

Does your computer need an upgrade or a complete overhaul? Abintek can provide:

  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Repair of Crashed Hard Drives
  • Recovery of Lost Files and Photographs
  • Upgrades, Software and Hardware Installations
  • Wireless Network Installation
  • General PC and Network Maintenance


Need help with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista? I have installed many software applications including firmware upgrades, chipset upgrades, bios upgrades, Microsoft Office, Openoffice, Adobe, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, and firewall software.





"Andy has been a tremendous help to me with my computer. He's always very knowledgeable with any question that I may have, and he's always so willing to help me at any given time. My computer was in horrible shape at one time and Andy was able to completely restore it plus load programs that I needed to protect it. I recommend him for any computer maintenance, software, etc. that you may need."
--T. Bertrand, Lake Charles, LA

"For the past seven years, I have used Andy Buford for all my computer needs. His knowledge of computer technology is highly impressive, and the personal touch he adds to his services has always been greatly appreciated. I would like to recommend Andy to your attention. I have the highest confidence that your experience with him will be positive and your computer problems will be resolved."
--B. Welch, Lake Charles, LA


"Andy was able to retrieve my data after my computer crashed. I thought I had lost everything but Andy was able to get it all! Thanks Andy!"
-- Y. Jacobs, Gillis, LA

"Andy is honest, ethical, helpful, and competent. He is the only one that I
trust to work on my computer."
-- B. Sonnier

"Andy, thanks so much for being my debugger, job well done!"
-- B. Malbrough



Our family computer for my daughters was in serious bad shape. It was running really slow and constantly had advertisements popup. Andy came over and in a matter of a couple of hours had fixed my computer and it's running like new!

-- John Lane and family


PC Hardware:

Network Hardware:

Arbintek has installed, upgraded, or repaired complete systems, motherboards, RAM, video cards, sound cards, network interface cards, modems, SATA/PATA hard drives, DVD drives, CD-ROM drives, and power supplies.

Arbintek is familiar with wired/wireless network equipment from companies such as Cisco, Linksys, and D-Link. Arbintek is also familiar with bandwidth management hardware from Allot and with content filtering hardware from Barracuda Networks.